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SGA(The Student Government Association)

The Student Government Association(SGA) consists of USW students. They are a group that form a democratic self-government and represent the needs of the students. The president and core members of the SGA are selected through vote and there are several different offices that each do different work. The Students Government Association is also in charge of major student events at USW such as the May festivities.
SGA(The Student Government Association)
Name Location Tel
总学生会 学生会馆2楼 220-2430 / 2431
总女学生会 学生会馆2楼 220-2432
学生福利委员会 学生会馆2楼 220-2407
毕业准备委员会 经商大 3楼 220-2217
社团联合会 学生会馆 1楼 220-2463
人文大学生会 人文学院 1楼 220-2409
政法大学生会 政法学院 2楼 220-2259
经商大学生会 经商大 3楼 220-2270
自然科学大学生会 自然科学院 1楼 220-2338
工科大学生会 工科学院 1楼 220-2337
生活科学大学生会 生活科学院 1楼 220-2245
体育大学生会 体育学院 地下 1楼 220-2408
美术大学生会 美术学院 3楼 220-2403
音乐大学生会 音乐学院 2楼 220-2578
Student Union of Information Technology College


Name Location
Shinhan Bank 学生会馆 1楼
Bookstore 图书馆 1楼
copy place 成均社, 高科技馆 1楼
Optician's 学生会馆 1楼

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USW Health Service Center is a student welfare organization that provides students with health care services to keep the campus healthy. Services provided include health care, medical treatment, environmental hygiene, and health education

· Location : Students Building Basement 1st Floor
· Tel : 82-2-31-2416

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